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“Buy Now Pay Later” is a new service within "Arabi Mobile" app which enables debit card holders to pay back their transactions in three installments seamlessly through a digital & frictionless journey as per the following details:

  • The service requires customers to perform a simple one time registration toenable “ Buy Now Pay Later” via Arabi Mobile through “Plus +” icon available in “More” from the main list
  • The minimum & maximum limits for the service “Buy Now Pay Later” are 50 & 2000 JODs respectively
  • All debit cards transactions are eligible transactions for this including; Point Of Sale Purchases, and E-commerce Purchases  
  • Enabled domestic and international installment options for this service are as the following:
    • Future transactions; This option can be activated / deactivated to redirect any upcoming transactions to be deducted from the granted “Buy Now Pay Later” limit instead of the funds in the customers current / savings account
    • Past Transactions; this option shows the customer all eligible transactions that they’ve done in the past month and allows customer to choose which transactions they wish to pay in installments. Once chosen the customer receives the funds in the form of cash credited to their selected account
    • Partial transactions; If the customer doesn’t have enough funds in the granted “Buy Now Pay Later” limit; then customers can perform a partial transaction whereby the maximum amount available from their “Buy Now Pay Later” limit will be deducted and the remainder will be taken from their default payment account if available
  • Plan Tenure for any of the installed debit cards transactions is 3 months
  • The monthly interest rate for any of the installed transactions through this service:
    - 0% in selected outlets
    - 1% on POS and e-commerce transactions inside or outside Jordan

Categories of selected outlets:

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Electronics & Mobiles

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Heating &Air Conditioning

34711 - EPP Website Icons-03

Jewelry, Accessories, and Gifts

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Furniture & Office appliances

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Auto Parts & Service

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Health Care

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Travel and leisure

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