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Introducing e-Tawfeer PLUS: Everybody Wins, Everyday!

Discover a new way of saving with e-Tawfeer PLUS

The first digital savings account in Jordan that offers daily interest payments. 

e-Tawfeer provides an easy-to-use and rewarding digital experience, designed to help you manage and grow your money effectively.  

Why Choose e-Tawfeer PLUS?

Earn daily interest:

Unlike the traditional savings’ account, e-Tawfeer PLUS pays interest daily. When your balance reaches 500 JD, you will earn 1.5% annual interest rate*.

Enjoy a simple digital experience:

Our user-friendly mobile banking platform allows you to set financial goals and monitors your progress. You will receive notifications to help you stay on track or make adjustments as needed.


Be rewarded with “Arabi Points” by keeping your money in the account, and making no withdrawals; you can earn “Arabi Points” based on your balance at the end of each month.

  • 5 Arabi Points for balances between JD 200 and JD 999
  • 10 Arabi Points for balances between JD 1,000 and JD 4,999
  • 15 Arabi Points for balances between JD 5,000 and JD 9,999
  • 20 Arabi Points for balances of JD 10,000 or more

*The maximum balance for this account is 50,000 JOD

Open  eTawfeer PLUS account now via “Arabi Mobile”! If you already have an e-Tawfeer account, you can transfer the balance to e-Tawfeer PLUS account.

Experience the future of banking with e-Tawfeer Plus and start growing your wealth today. Enroll now and reap guaranteed benefits. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 064600900 or 0791600900.