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Arab Bank offers a wide variety of environmentally friendly products and services, designed specifically to provide customers with the opportunity to play a positive role in protecting the environment.

Support Environmentally Friendly Products:
Through our Easy Payment Program (EPP) for credit cards, customers can purchase renewable energy equipment and environmentally friendly products with a repayment period of up to 12 months at a 0% interest rate.

Preferential Terms for Hybrid Car Loans:
The Bank offers special terms for hybrid car loans, including reduced loan fees and other benefits to encourage customers to purchase hybrid cars.

This service enables customers to replace paper statements with electronic statements, which provide all details on their credit cards and accounts any time and anywhere through the Bank’s online service, “Arabi Online”. This is in addition to the implementation of many other services that can be conducted easily and safely, which could further contribute to reducing paper consumption through electronic banking channels such as “Arabi Mobile” and “Arabi Online”.

Support the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN):
Customers can support the RSCN by donating through the Bank’s Digital Banking Services including: Internet banking, phone banking, ATMs, and the Together Platinum Credit Card, in addition to our network of branches. These donations will help support natural reserves and biodiversity across Jordan.

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 4600900 or 0791600900