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In addition to the strict security measures our Internet Banking Service applies, you have a critical role to play in protecting the privacy of your account information and safeguarding your money. 

We wish to draw your attention to the following tips to ensure utmost privacy and confidentiality of your online Banking experience.

  • Select a user name and password that are difficult for others to guess. Do not associate your password with anything personal such as birthdays, names, phone numbers or other familiar words or numbers. Choose password that contains letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Change your password on a regular basis.
  • Keep your personal and / or banking information (e.g. User name, password, Credit card number,... etc) confidential. Your PIN / Password should be memorized and not recorded anywhere.
  • Make sure that you have a trusted and up to date Anti-Virus software installed on your PC or any PC you use to access the Internet banking Service.
  • Install a Firewall Software on your PC to protect your PC against intruders, virus attacks or malicious programs.
  • Avoid accessing Internet Banking Service from Internet Cafes or public places.
  • You should always be careful when receiving unsolicited emails asking you to disclose any personal or banking details. Arab Bank plc will never ask you for such details (e.g. User name, password, Credit card number,... etc) through email. If you receive such a request, do not respond and please report it to us immediately.
  • To access Arab Bank's Internet Banking Service, use the “Log On” button on the homepage of your Country website. Never follow a link received by email to access the Internet Banking Service.
  • Whenever you log on to Internet Banking, make sure that the last successful and unsuccessful attempt to access the service displayed on top of the screen are consistent with your usage of the service. If they do not match your logon activities, please call our Customer Contact Center.
  • Always remember to log out using the "Log Off" button and never leave the PC unattended when logged on.
  • When logging on to Arab Bank Internet Banking site, look for the Security Certificate before entering the User name & Password. To view the security certificate, click on the "lock" icon at the top of the page if you are using Internet Explorer. For Netscape browser users, you can view the certificate by selecting Security Info under Communicator - Tools.
  • Check your account balances and statements regularly to ensure your accounts have not been accessed by anyone else and to identify any unusual transactions. If you want us to alert you whenever a transaction takes place on your account / Credit Card, you can register for our SMS Banking Service.
  • Be ware of emails offering you the chance to make easy money in exchange of services & / or using your account to transfer large amounts to. Do business only with companies / individuals you know and trust.

This is not a comprehensive list of security measures, it is an advisory note issued to increase your security awareness without any liability whatsoever on the Bank.