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Double or triple your reward points with “Arabi Points” program when using your credit card for purchases during the period December, 5th 2018 until January 5th 2019.

Additionally, you can be one of the 5 lucky winners who will receive 10,000 free reward points for each winner at the end of the campaign.

This special offer is also available for all credit card purchases through the internet.

Cards eligible for the offer: Visa Gold, Visa Shabab, Visa Black, Visa FIFA, MasterCard Titanium, MasterCard World, Visa Platinum, and Visa Signature.

Terms and conditions :

1. The campaign starts on the 5th of Dec-18 till the 5th  of Jan-19
2. Eligible customers are individual using their Arab Bank Credit Cards (local + International) and subscribe in Arabi points program.
3.Cards should be active and not delinquent during the campaign.
4. Credit card holders who spend more than 1,500 JD will win additional points as shown below:-

Spend tier (JOD)

Extra points

Less than 1500


1500 - 4999

Double points

5000 +

Tribble points

5. Credit card holders who spent 100 JD or more(Per transaction) will accumulate one chance to enter the draw.
6. There will be 5 draws at the end of campaign, each draw 10,000 additional points per customer/draw
7. Arab bank staff are included in campaign and they’re excluded from the draws.
8. Shared limit and Separate limit Supplementary cards’ transactions will be considered as part of Primary cards’ transaction(s)..
9. The points will be credited during the campaign period and for each transaction separately   
10. The bank will announce through official website in case ending the campaign or amending any of its terms and conditions at any time.