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Digital Supply Chain Finance platform, also known as supplier finance, is a solution that helps businesses maximize their cash flow by extending the payment terms they give to their suppliers while giving their suppliers the option to be paid early.

As a result, both the buyer and the provider benefit. The supplier creates more operating cash flow, while the buyer optimizes working capital, reducing risk throughout the supply chain.

To achieve the efficiency of the process Arab Bank offers an end to end online system that connects suppliers & buyers to get immerse benefits.

Supplier benefits:

  • Get their invoices paid in minutes
  • Zero risk on the relationship
  • Boost business and expanding market penetration
  • Get paid online securely
  • Upload invoices anytime, anywhere
  • User Dashboard
  • Overview of invoices with limits general activity.
  • Various access points (Web, Mobile & Tablet).
  • Submit single or bulk invoices


Buyer benefits

  • Manage and automate payables.
  • Securely digitizepayments
  • Extend payables’ payment terms.
  • Obtain leverage with suppliers and vendors
  • Fast invoice approval
  • Full digital experience
  • Buyer overview on pending, approved, rejected, due and overdue invoices
  • Business calendar view on upcoming payments
  • Digitally approve or rejectsuppliers’ invoices

For further information about these services and to be contacted by one of our agents, please contact the Corporate Business Center at: Corporate.BusinessCenter@arabbank.com or call us on 06-550-1960 or 079-100-9000

Terms and conditions apply.