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"Arabi Next” App, was launched in 2022 as the first mobile application dedicated to small and medium-sized companies in Jordan, customized to suit the needs and requirements of small and medium enterprises. Arabi Next app provides your company with a comprehensive digital banking experience backed up with advanced set of solutions to manage your company’s various banking transactions seamlessly. 

Arabi Next App Features:

  • Account management: View the company's accounts through the home screen, which displays basic account information and provides the ability to view account transactions with the ability to search by date, time, type of transaction, and amount.
  • Salary transfers: The application provides the service of paying salaries to employees, by transferring to (their accounts within Arab Bank, accounts in other banks, and Reflect accounts)
  • Bill payments: Paying and managing the company’s bills through eFAWATEERcom service which provides the ability to filter the bills according to their type (postpaid or prepaid); a section for bill history that enables the user to see all the bills that have been paid, and the ability to download a detailed copy of the bill in PDF format.
  • Money Transfer: Transferring money between users’ own accounts, within Arab Bank, and to other accounts with domestic and international banks, as well as the ability to schedule transfers.
  • CliQ: Register and use "CliQ" service for companies, for fast local money transfers.
  • User management: The application provides the service of adding and managing users as needed, defines the authority and accounts to each user, and allows users to register and use the application with a username and password.
  • Daman Pay: The application provides the service of paying the contributions of the General Organization for Social Security.
  • Cardless withdrawal: The application provides a cardless withdrawal service with financial limits by sending an OTP code with a specific validity period to the authorized customer's phone number.
  • Tablets Version: The application is also available in a version for tablets.
  • Notifications: recieving notifications of financial transactions, marketing campaigns, and approvals.
  • Open Sub-accounts: The ability to open sub-accounts for the company in various currencies. (Jordanian Dinar, US Dollar, Euro, Sterling Pound, Canadian Dollar, and Swiss Franc).
  • Registration: The user with a valid mobile number and a valid corporate account number in Arab Bank can register using the application at any time and from anywhere through simple steps
  • Login: The application provides multiple ways to log in to the company account (using a username and password or through fingerprint or face recognition).
  • Password management: Each user has first and second passwords and the application offers the user the ability to change them.
  • Transactions approvals: According to the authority of the authorizer or makers on the system, the application offers the service of approving financial transactions (such as transfers or bills) and non-financial transactions (such as adding users).
  • Service Requests: The application provides the ability to submit a request to subscribe to banking services such as points of sale devices, electronic payment gateways, the Shopex service, a subscription to Arabi e-Mart, and the request of the authorized merchant for the Buy Now, Pay Later service.
  • Loans and deposits: View loans and deposits information.
  • Documents management: The application provides document management service (bank files, attached documents and electronic document management services).

To register you will need:

  • Entering a valid phone number associated to a corporate account in Arab Bank.
  • Creating a username and password.
  • Taking a selfie to ensure user authenticity and to match the identity.
  • Entering a valid small corporate account number existing in the Arab Bank.
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