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Our investment solutions cater to various customer profiles and investment objectives.

  • Arab Bank Profile Funds:

Three USD-denominated profile fund of funds; each comprised of several third party funds / ETFs and managed by Arab Bank Switzerland.  The funds correspond to three different risk profiles:

  • Arab Bank Structured Products : (Based on availability)

    USD capital protected deposit linked to the performance of an underlying asset, (e.g. equity index, commodity index)

  • Arab Bank Step-up deposit: : (Based on availability)
    Fixed tenor USD deposit with an increasing quarterly interest rate.
  • Precious Metal Account
    A service that allows customers to maintain Precious Metals (Gold) in their accounts. Dealing in such will be in spot market by debiting the account in favor of the gold account without physical delivery of any kind
  • Brokerage Services & Asset Management products offered through our investment banking arm; AB Invest
    • AB Invest Brokerage Services:
      • Local, regional and international brokerage services.
      • E-Tadawul: Digital onboarding from Arab Bank plc account to AB Invest through E-Tadawulin Arabi-Mobile banking app.Online trading in the US equity market.
    • AB Invest Asset Management products:
      • MENA / Islamic MENA funds: Conventional / Sharia compliant growth mutual funds investing in regional equities and managed by AB Invest.
      • Bonds: Local and international corporate and sovereign bonds.
      • Discretionary portfolio management: Structuring and managing portfolios of equities and bonds according to customer’s investment policy statement.

      You can also click here to visit the website of AB invest for additional product information.

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      For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 0096264605330

      Terms and conditions apply.