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“Arabi Junior” program comes to you as part of our comprehensive range of personal banking products and services that cater to the banking needs for all family members throughout their life stages.

A host of banking and non-banking benefits with “Arabi Junior” – the savings program specially designed to provide parents with the opportunity to save for their children and teens up to 17 years old.

  • Savings account with interest and various options of deposits at preferential interest rates
  • Visa Debit Card with a special design with no monthly fees , enabled for online purchases
  • Waiver of the account minimum balance fee
  • Smart payment bracelet “BandPay” exempted from issuance fees and available in 2 colors and different sizes that are suitable for children and teens. “BandPay” allows payment from the Visa Debit card without the need to use the actual card, just wave the bracelet over the merchant POS device (available at merchants that accept contactless payments)
  • Money transfers from parents accounts to “Arabi Junior” accounts without fees
  • Special gift upon account opening
  • “Instant Saver “feature which allows you to save for your children with every purchase you make using your debit or credit card; a pre-set percentage or a rounded-up amount of each transaction value will be automatically transferred to your child’s “Arabi Junior” Account(s)
  • Joining bonus reward points with the “Arabi Points “ program
  • Option to transfer the reward points balance in cash as an additional savings amount from the parents account to “Arabi Junior” account(s) with the “Arabi Points” program
  • Special discounts and offers at various shopping outlets, toy stores, entertainment centers and educational centers and many more. Click here to view the list of discounts and offers.
  • Education savings insurance plan with waiver of the first monthly installment “Lamma Yakbarou“
  • Easy payment plans for schools tuition fees at 0% interest over 12 months
  • Teach your children the Arabic language with ease and fun-filled activities, anywhere and at any time through Adawati platform www.adawati.com, and get an exclusive 20% discount when using any Arab Bank card to pay for the subscription by entering the promo code: ABFSRojNab.
  • A Free “Golden subscription” at Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library and the Knowledge Path. Click here for more details
  • Digital saving service “e-Tawfeer”* via “Arabi Mobile” app which allows you to benefit from a host of savings tools with preferential and competitive returns
  • Ability to view “Arabi Junior“ balance details at anytime from anywhere via “Arabi Mobile” app.
  • Bonus rewards points when upgrading the account from “Arabi Junior” program to “Shabab” program which is deigned for the youth in between 18-25 years old

And much more…

Join us today so that you and your kids can enjoy the value and excitement of saving with the "Arabi Junior” Program!

Apply here now.

- To view “I Read Arabic” campaign winners click here


Terms & conditions of the product and savings accounts apply.
* The “e-Tawfeer” service is subject to the terms and conditions of the service.