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Baeti, your digital mortgage loan service.

With Baeti, you can now apply for your housing loan via “Arabi Mobile” following very simple steps, with many features that will help you make your dream home a reality.

Click here to learn how you can benefit from “Baeti” service.

With Baeti service, you can:

1. Plan Your Financials

Before you start looking for your future home, you need to plan your finances and know how much you can actually spend.

  • Know your monthly financial commitments in terms of loans, rent expenses and other financial obligations.
  • Define how much you can afford using Baeti’s Borrowing Power Calculator for approximate amount.
  • Decide on the amount you can repay monthly and make sure it fits your lifestyle.
  • Find out how much you can pay as a down payment, the more the better, to lower the loan term.
  • Consider the other expenses during and after the mortgage process as follows:

- Government real estate department Mortgage lean and Registration fees. Please refer to www.dls.gov.jo

- Property Appraisal fee/s from Arab Bank’s agent. This depends on property type and area from 50-150 JODs.

- Down payment amount (0% - 20 %) of your dream home price.

- Loan commission: (0% - 1%) of the loan amount, depending on your profile or loan approval.

- Governmental stamps fees, as per Jordanian law regulations. This cost will be 0.003 of the loan amount, in addition to five JOD for the second copy stamps.

2. Find The Right Property

Once you know the price range of your dream home, start-browsing websites with real estate listings, using the Find My Home feature as the simplest way to get you the right real estate.

Start making notes of particular homes you are interested in and see how long they stay on the market. Also, note any changes in prices to get a better bargain.

Tips for finding your property:

  • The type of the property: apartment or villa; old or new.
  • Property price: Look at properties within your price range.
  • City/neighborhood: Do you need a near school area, public facilities, busy area, or a quiet rural area.
  • Property size and view (number of rooms, property (sq.), amenities (parking, garden, balcony, etc.))
  • Do you need it furnished or unfurnished?

3.  Apply for a Mortgage Loan

Do not worry, providing your financial documents for your mortgage loan approval depends on your profile, in order for the bank to verify your financial status and credit.

You can always use the Book Appointment feature, and our Mortgage Advisers are ready to support you with answering all your inquires.

General Documents:     

  • Scan of your personal ID or valid passport, and valid residency permit for non-residents.
  • Social security statements: Needed for employees with less than 1-year work duration.
  • Bank statement for 9-12 months: Only needed if you if you are new to Arab Bank, or have other income(s) transferred to other banks.
  • Property organization, landscaping scheme, site plan, construction permission, property registration document, and initial contract of sale.

Extra Documents for Salaries

  • Pay Slips: Needed to include bonuses and incentives [6-9 months].

Extra Documents for Professionals (e.g. Doctors)    

  • Profession license.
  • Practice license: Minimum practice of 1 year.
  • Union ID.

Extra Documents for Self-Employed/Own Business

  • Certificate of registration: Minimum of 2 years.

4. Funding and Acquisition of the Property

While processing your home mortgage loan (after the initial loan approval), additional one-time costs and documentation will be needed for each of the following steps:

  • Visit your branch to provide the original documents from previous provided copies.
  • Arrange with a bank appraiser for the property appraisal: Our mortgage specialist will support you with selecting the appraiser and booking the appointment.
  • Bank will collect all documents including the appraisal reports, sending them to the credit department for final approval based on the property appraisal and original documentation, signing the loan contracts and application, and getting the loan-offering letter from the bank.
  • When the final approval is granted, an appointment with our property Mortgage officer will be scheduled. A Mortgage on the property where all taxes and governmental fees (for used properties) should be settled before this procedure.
  • Deposit loan’s one time upfront fees, which are:
    • Deposit down payment amount in your bank account, or prepare a recite for the amount paid to property developer/owner.
    • Governmental fiscal stamps.
    • Property appraisal cost (if any).
    • Please contact your mortgage loan adviser to plan for the extra expenses.
  • Arab Bank will issue a promise to pay to the developer or property owner to register the property.
  • Arab Bank will disburse the loan and pay the developer or the original owner after 2-3 working days from receiving the Mortgage documents and the new registration documents.


  • For all profiles: We need a signed CRIFF consent form to allow the bank to check your credit liabilities at other banks in Jordan.
  • Salary transfer letter from your company if salaried.

Cost and Charges details:


  • Government real estate department Mortgage and Registration fees. Please refer to www.dls.gov.jo
  • Property Appraisal fee/s from Arab Bank’s Agent. This depends on property type and area (50- 150 JOD).
  • Down Payment amount (0% - 20 %) of your dream home price.
  • Loan commission: (0% - 1%) of the loan amount depending on your profile or loan approval.
  • Governmental stamps fees: As per Jordanian law regulations, this cost will be 0.003 of the loan amount to the upper 1,000 JOD, plus 5 JOD on the second copy.
  • You can acquire more details from the mortgage loan adviser


5. Post Acquisition of your home

Congratulations, you now own your home! There may be a need for additional "one-time" costs that are recommended for consideration in your plan.

  • Kitchen
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Utilities

Within your borrowing power, Arab Bank can support you with these expenses in many ways, through a personal or a credit card with easy payments plans. Visit the Extra Expenses Calculator to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Can I increase my borrowing power?

    “Of course” you can with your first level relationship (spouse), through a joint loan.

  • Can I buy an old house/apartment?

    At loan closure, the age of the house should not exceed 50 years.

  • Is there an age limit and does it affect the loan approval decision?

    Yes, your age should be more than 23 years to apply for a mortgage loan; and on the last instalment your age should not exceed 70 years.

  • Is there a maximum loan amount limit?

    Yes, there is a maximum limit which is 700,000 JOD, but do not worry, we can help you have more. In addition, the minimum amount for a mortgage loan is 5,000 JOD.

  • Can I get a credit card with the mortgage loan?

    Yes, based on your profile and borrowing power.

  • If I am currently working outside Jordan, can I get a housing loan?

With Arab Bank “Arabi Cross-Border” services for the Non-Resident Mortgage Loans, we offer you a range of financing solutions specially designed to help you own the house of your dreams in your home country, simply and conveniently through any of our branches in Jordan or your country of residence, with a host of competitive features.

This product is available for Jordanian expatriates in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Terms and conditions differ for each country.

Please use the Book Appointment feature for more information.

Download “Arabi Mobile” now: