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Pay for your daily purchases easily and quickly with the Contactless Payment feature!

With the contactless payment feature, Arab Bank cardholders can pay for their daily purchases quickly and securely by simply tapping their card on the merchant’s device ( at merchants who accept contactless payments ).

To activate the contactless payments feature for your card, all you need to do is use your card once at an ATM machine or at any point of sale by inserting the card and it will be automatically activated for contactless payments.

How can you use your card(s) to conduct contactless payments?

The steps to use the contactless feature for payments are easy and summarized as follows:

1.    Look for the contactless indicator on the merchant’s POS machine

2.    Tap the card on the device

3.    Hold until you get a confirmation (usually a beep)

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 064600900.

Special terms and conditions apply. The maximum allowed amount per contactless transaction (without entering the PIN) differs from one country to another based on the contactless payments regulations of the country where the transaction takes place.

The maximum allowed limit of contactless payments without Personal Identification Number (PIN) is JOD 100. To reactivate contactless payments without PIN on your card , simply perform a payment by inserting your card into the Point of Sale device (POS) and enter your PIN .