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In partnership with “FittiCoin”, Arab Bank announces a new service: “Arabi Fitness”, aiming to encourage a healthier lifestyle for our customers where you will be rewarded with Arabi Points based on your walking/ running steps counted via FittiCoin App, and later on redeem the collected Arabi Points  throughout the Arab Bank partners’ network all over Jordan or even cash them back using the Arab Bank ATMs.

Main Benefits:

  • Free of charge service where you can start easily getting Arabi Points without the need to complete any financial transactions.
  • Encourages Arab Bank customers to lead a healthier lifestyle

How to activate it?

  • Go to “Arabi Mobile” app.
  • From the side list, choose “Arabi Fitness”.
  • An informative page will popup to explain a bit about this service.
  • Click on “Start” to begin with the registration.
  • After reading all terms & conditions, tick the box next to “I have read and accept all terms and conditions”.
  • Click on the “Register” button to get the registration code that will be used to complete the process on the FittiCoin App.
  • Copy the registration code using the small sign next to it, then install or update the FittiCoin app in case it was already installed.
  • Click on the “Manage Arabi Fitness Points” line appearing on top of the main page.
  • Enter the registration code that was copied earlier, and then click on “Submit” to complete the registration successfully.

How to use it?

  • Fill the “Enter Arabi Points Amount” with the Arabi Points amount that you’d like to convert, which will be deducted from your FittiCoin points balance.
  • Click on “Calculate FittiCoin Needed” to calculate the amount of FittiCoins that are needed to convert them to the amount of Arabi Points that was already submitted in point #1.
  • To complete the conversion process, click on “Get xx Arabi Points”.
  • Finally, the new points will appear on the History page on the Arabi Mobile app, and your total points will be updated to include them. 

For Arab Bank customers, all you need to do now is install both applications (Arabi Mobile and FittiCoin) , register to the service, and start counting your steps and points.

For non Arab Bank customers, you can open new account through Arabi Mobile app to benefit from all services including Arabi Fitness.

Terms & Conditions apply.
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