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Arab Bank announce the continuation of receiving customers’ applications under the Central Bank of Jordan program launched in cooperation with the Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation to support Small and Medium size companies in meeting their financing requirements for working capital, wages, manpower and various operating expenses resulting from the Coronavirus crisis, noting that the program will end on 12/31/2021

Customers can now apply for financing in the form of an amortizing loan at a subsidized and competitive interest rate of two percent with a flexible repayment period up to 54 months including a grace period for up to 12 months. The program is guaranteed by the Jordan Loan Guarantee Corp up to 85% of the loan amount.

Eligible sectors and their loan limits (JOD):

Professions and Craftsmen


Retail Trade


Wholesale Trade


Tourist Services except hotels




Information Technology


Transformative industries including industries based on agricultural activities




Health Facilities and services except hospitals.




Educational Sector


Other sectors


Eligibility criteria for the program:

  • The facility should be within the targeted and affected sectors of Coronavirus Crisis 
  • The purpose of the financing is limited to financing operative expenses including financing salaries and wages. 
  • The company applying must be registered at the relevant officials. 
  • Borrower age not exceeding 70 years old at the time of last installment of the loan is due. 
  • Funding is disbursed through the bank according to the purpose for which it was granted. 
  • A written commitment to retain the company’s employees and continue to be covered by the provisions of social security law during the loan period and until the full settlement in accordance with the forms applied by the bank. 
  • Any other conditions may be required within the bank’s lending policy.


  • Guarantee of Jordan Loan Guarantee Corp for 85 percent of the loan value. 
  • Personal guarantee of at least one of the partners for companies with limited liability 
  • Personal guarantee of a Jordanian with credit approval for loans granted to professionals and craftsmen and individual companies owned by non-Jordanian. 
  • Any other guarantees that the bank may require. 

Required documents:

  • Valid company registration certificates
  • Copy of national ids for guarantors and authorized signatories
  • 12 months account statements
  • Social security statement detailing names of the company staff (for financing salaries requests)
  • A simplified working plan for loans to for sole proprietorship, professions and Craftsmen not exceeding JOD 100,000.
  • 3 years financial statements.
  • 3 years cash flow projections for loans exceeding JOD 100,000 for existing companies.
  • Projected cash flow statements for new companies.
  • Any other documents required and according to the nature of business and the bank's requirements and its credit policy

Kindly note that our SMEs clients with finance requirements less than JOD 70,000 can apply for the loan digitally without the need to visit the branch using the SMEs online platform:

For more details and to apply for this loan please contact us on 4600900 or you can contact your dedicated relationship officer.

All loans and financing facilities are subject to the special terms and conditions.