Ways To Bank

Online Cash Deposit Service

Now, you can avoid the queue inside the branch with our new Online Cash Deposit service, available through selected ATM locations. Deposit cash into your account(s), into any other Arab Bank accounts or settle your Credit Card payment instantly and at any time.

Service is available through ATMs at the following locations:

Eidoun Branch
Amman Branch (Both ATMs)
Applied Uni. Branch
Aqaba Branch (Both ATMs)
City Mall Branch (Both ATMs)
Fifth Circle Branch (Both ATMs)
Gardens Branch (Both ATMs)
Irbid Branch
Jubieha Branch (Both ATMs)
Madineh Munawara Branch
Marka Branch
Mecca Mall Branch
Mecca St Branch
Rabia Branch
Shemesani Branch
Sweifieh Branch
Wadi Seer Branch (Both ATMs)
Wehdat Branch
Zarqa Branch (Both ATMs)
Baraka Mall

Jabal Al Hussein Branch

Sweileh Branch

New Zarqa Branch

Jabal Amman Branch 
Khalda Branch (Both ATMs) King Hussein's Sports City Branch

Tareq Municipality Branch (Both ATMs)

North Hashimi Branch
Hai Nazzal Branch Marj Hamam Branch Nuzha Branch Madaba Street Branch
Al Yasmeen Branch New Zaytouna Branch Southern Abdoun Branch (Both ATMs) Dabouk Branch
Um Othaina Branch Manaseer Gas Station Tabarbour Manaseer Gas Station Madaba Manaseer Gas Station Marka
Dahiet Al-Rasheed Manaseer Gas Station Irbid Arab Bank - Central Operations Unit Wadi Saqra Street Branch  
Ashrafieh Branch Luweibdeh Branch Isra'a University   Taj Mall
Rawnaq Branch Salt Branch Madaba Branch Jounia – DirGhbar
Karak branch Jerash branch  Abdali mall branch  Russaifeh Branch
Queen Alia Airport Mafraq Branch Hashimiyeh University Branch Souq Al Khodar Branch
Al-Shaheed Street  Baqaa Branch  Abdoun Branch (Both ATMs)  Rusayfeh Branch
 Zarqa Branch (Hay Al Hussein)  Hitteen Branch Maan Branch  Al Fuheis Branch
 Abu Nsair Branch  Yajouz Branch Zaytooneh University Branch South Shooneh Branch
Al Rahmanyyeh Branch National Express Jeeran Supermarket Safeway (Marj Al Hamam)
Hayat Amman Pharmacy Pharmacy 1 (Uni. St.) JoPetrol (Al Dakhlyyeh) Confitti Library (Dabouq)
Regional Building (Aqaba) Jounia (Deir Ghbar)  City Mall (Food Court)  Royal Court
Mou’tah Supermarket (Marj Al Hamam) Hurriyah Mall Branch Thaqafa St. Irbid Branch Self service – Um Uthaina Branch
Jadara University      

Instant Cash Deposit steps:

  1. Insert your Visa Electron card in the ATM machine
  2. Choose language
  3. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  4. Select "Online Cash Deposit" from main menu
  5. Choose the Beneficiary account. Either to your account "Related Account" or to an other account in Arab Bank Jordan "Other Account"
  6. Insert the amount into the designated place in the ATM machine, not exceeding 50 banknotes (irrespective of cash denominations) in each deposit transaction