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Lamma Yekbarou

Nowadays higher education has become a necessity to insure a bright future. Therefore, parents seek to provide their children with the best education for better chances in life.
Did you think of ways to protect your children’s education with the continuous increase of university tuitions?

Arab Bank in cooperation with Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance Company offers you, an Education plan which provides savings for your children education whereby you deposit regular monthly payments, depending on your monthly income, into their Lama Yekbarou Plan. These monthly payments accumulate over the years added to them the Profits declared annually to formulate a bulk amount of money which can assist you in financing their University Education. The Plan also guarantees the continuity of their schooling and university tuition payments.  

Coverage of this Program:

  • The monthly payments will be waived from your family and the plan will continue and the agreed-upon university tuitions will be paid in case of death that is caused by unpredicted accident or sickness
  • Optional: Continuity of the plan and payment of agreed-upon university tuitions in the event of total permanent disability due to sickness or unpredicted accident
  • Optional: Payment of the pre-defined schooling annuities to finance your children’s school tuition fees in the event of death or total permanent disability due to sickness or unpredicted accident
Advantages & Benefits of this Program:
  • Savings for the adequate university tuitions through moderate monthly premiums automatically debited from the bank account with no additional banking charges
  • Take advantage of the extra return on the investment amount as the dividends declared annually by the Al Nisr Al Arabi Insurance company
  • Possibility to choose the Currency of the Plan: JOD or USD 
  • Possibility to protect the investment amount and Saving amount from inflation through an annual variation rate of 1% to 10%
  • Minimum guaranteed rate of return on investment of 3.5% annually on JOD ( 2% on USD)
  • Possibility to choose the premiums payment: monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually
  • Continuity of the plan and Waiver of the Premiums saved on monthly basis from your family in the unfortunate case of death or disability
  • All profits declared on your investment account are not taxable and the investment amount to be received at maturity or the insurance amount to be paid in the case of death are also tax free
  • Possibility to add the Passive War Risk Cover

Illustrative Table:

Figures are based on a monthly premium of JOD 50 with an annual variation rate of 3%.
Age of Insured
Age of Child
*Total Paid Premiums (JOD)
**University Tuition when child reaches 18 
3.5% minimum guaranteed annual return on investment on JOD
5.5% annual return on investment on JOD































 * In case of death or disability, Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance Co. guarantees the continuity of the premium payment until the child reaches the pre-defined university age.
** Paid as lump sum or annuities from the age of 18, which increases its total value.

Conditions of this Program:

  • The insured should be an account holder at Arab Bank.
  • The age of the insured should be between 18 and 55 years.
  • The minimum monthly premium is JOD 15 or USD 20.

How to Apply
  • Through our Online Application Form
  • Call our Contact Center on 4600900
  • Visit any of our branches (visit our Branch Locator page here)

For more information, please call our Customer Contact Center on 4600900 or 0791600900, or call our toll free number 0800 22222 if calling from any city outside Amman (within Jordan). Or visit any of our branches.

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