Important Announcements

Important Announcement about interact with virtual currency :

In accordance with the Central Bank of Jordan’s instructions and the internal policies of Arab Bank, it is prohibited to interact with virtual currency such as Bitcoin using clients’ existing accounts in any way, shape or form. 

Important Announcement to Visa Debit Cardholders with a magnetic strip :

Please visit the nearest Arab Bank branch to replace your debit / ATM Card with a new smart chip technology card before its expiration. Your current card will be suspended as of 16/8/2015. 

 Important Announcement For Cheque Book Holders:

If you hold a cheque book that doesn’t have the new security option (check digit within the magnetic line, shown on the cheque sample below ) please arrange to replace it with a new cheque book that has the security specifications required by the Central Bank of Jordan before 30/9/2013

Important Announcement for Minors Accounts:

Kindly be informed that changes have been made on the permissions given to the guardian on a minor account as it will be limited to Cash withdrawal from ATM and Branch , noting that all other permissions have been cancelled.

For more information, please call our Customer Contact Center on 4600900 or 0791600900, or call our toll free number 0800 22222 if calling from any city outside Amman (within Jordan).